Cometdocs : Gestion de documents en ligne gratuite

Je reçois de temps en temps des requêtes par mail, me demandant de promouvoir des sites web sur mon blog. Aujourd’hui, par l’intermédiaire de Nancy Owens, je vous présente Cometdocs, qui vous permettra de stocker, archiver ou encore de partager des documents de 1 giga maximum en ligne, gratuitement.

Message original :

« Dear Ptitfred,

I am Nancy from Cometdocs. Seeing that you discuss some interesting web-based tools on your blog, I am writing to inquire about a possible mention for one recently launched tool that might be of interest to your readers.
Cometdocs is a unique free online document management tool that enables users to:

1. Safely store and organize their files online
2. Convert files between popular and less popular document formats (HTML, PDF, Word, AutoCAD, XLS, XPS, PUB, etc.)
3. Share files anonymously or publicly without pop-up ads and other bothersome content getting in their way.
4. Transfer large files of any size to others quickly and securely via email.

Learn more about it here:

Originally, Cometdocs was released back in 2009 as a file conversion web application and garnered a great amount of loyal visitors over the years, so we decided to revamp the whole service in order to contribute more to our users’ productivity.

Would you be open to testing it out and perhaps introducing Cometdocs to your readers? This is assuming that you find our service valuable and worthy of a mention.

We would be very thankful for feedback from an expert that could help us in our quest to offer the best service possible.

If you need more details, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Nancy Owens »